What is Digital Arts?


Digital arts is a form of art that makes use of digital tools to create work. It is also known as computer art or multimedia art.

Digital arts are created with the help of computers, which are used for various purposes such as processing images and video, creating graphics and animation, and generating music. It can be created with programs such as Photoshop, Painter, Maya 3D software, or CorelDraw.

The first digital arts was made in 1962 by Michael Noll at Bell Laboratories in New Jersey. He was not an artist but a mathematician who had been working on a system that would allow TV stations to transmit pictures electronically rather than using film. He wanted to show his colleagues what he had done so he created a digital picture of a hand-drawn by one of his seven-year-old twin daughters on an oscilloscope screen.

Digital arts is a new way of looking at the world. It can be used for commercial, editorial or social media purposes. Also can decorate your walls, or even be a part of your daily routine. It is nowadays especially appealing to the younger generation.

Types of Digital Arts

  • Bitmap images
  • Vector graphics
  • 3D modelling

A bitmap image is a Digital Arts that consists of only bits (usually 8-bit) and pixels. A pixel is a single point in a bitmap image, and it usually represents colour information.

A vector image is a Digital Arts that consists of geometric shapes, lines, points and curves. Vector images are also easy to edit and customize, which makes them perfect for illustrations, logos and icons.

What is the difference between bitmap and vector?

As opposed to vector images. Bitmaps are also called raster graphics.

3D modelling - portrait of a pretty girl done by a digital artist

Vector and bitmap images are both 2D graphics. Vector graphics have the advantage over bitmap graphics in terms of scalability and quality. However, bitmaps can imitate the look and feel of vector arts, especially when done in high resolution, but vice versa is not possible, vector images cannot replace bitmaps.

3D modelling is a Digital Arts process of developing a three-dimensional image of an object or environment. A 3D model is created by combining various geometric shapes and their corresponding textures to create the desired object, which can be viewed from any angle.

3D modelling has a wide range of applications in various industries like architecture, engineering, industrial design and video game development.

Which Hardware and Software are usually used to create Digital Arts?

In the past, a large number of calculations were done by the CPU. This had its limitations. The CPU was not designed to handle complex calculations and rendering tasks simultaneously. In order to get around this, GPUs were introduced in the late 1990s and early 2000s. They are designed specifically for these tasks and have become an integral part of 3D rendering hardware.

There are many different types of hardware that can be used to create digital arts such as a computer, tablet or phone.

drawing tablet for digital art professionals

3D rendering hardware is a combination of high-speed processors and high-resolution graphics cards that translates 2D images into 3D. It is used in video games, movies, and other media. Rendering hardware can be a stand-alone device or it can be integrated into a computer’s motherboard or graphics card.

With digital arts, we can create anything we want. It is a new way of expressing ourselves and our creativity. Digital arts is not just for professionals anymore, there are many tools and tutorials that allow anyone to create their own artwork and translate their imagination into reality.

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